Monday, May 4, 2009

Stopped Studying for Stratego

My cousin David loaned me the board game Stratego on Saturday after I visited his house. I saw the game sitting on his coffee table and I was reminded of high school when I would play the game most lunches (I was really cool). I wont go into the full details of my rigorous board game ranking system, but Stratego is my number one 'two-player' board game. I had to borrow it.

In addition to that my good friend Greg showed me that you can play Settlers of Catan online (my favourite '3-6 player' game). That has sucked away a lot of hours from my studying effort as well.

Overall I have not had a short supply of distractions from exams. When my friends are too annoyed to play Stratego any more, I look up strategies online and when I am sick of looking up strategies, I play Settlers or when I'm too tired of even that I blog about it. Okay, now I can study, I have an exam tomorrow morning.

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