Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bandaged and Bruised Under a Full Moon

The full moon party is a huge party which occurs once a month (surprise, during a full moon) and covers all of Ko Phangan's Hat Rin Beach. I met up with friends, from my exchange program in Singapore, there for one last party to say good-bye. Walking around the day after the full moon party there were several people with bandaged up legs or arms from nasty spills they took falling off a stage or playing hopscotch (with jump ropes on fire), I was one of the bandaged folk.

During the party two of my friends and I were having a splashing fight in the water, and I 'fell' (I still say they pushed me!) onto a rock. I knew my foot was cut instantly, there was pain and with my hand I felt a small piece of skin which was nearly severed from my foot but clung on to my foot. I don't remember who saw my arm first, but when examining my foot it was noted that there was a stream of blood which was flowing from my elbow off of the tips of my fingers and into the Ocean.

A note to my mother; no cause for alarm, I am fine, I got the cuts cleaned at a clinic so no chance of infection. I am changing the bandages everyday. In a few more days, I am told, I don't need bandages anymore.

I am now on Ko Tao (Turtle Island) which unfortunately seems to be the scuba diving capitol of the world, its not really but it seams that way when everyone else gets to dive except you.


  1. I hope you're ok man! I freakin' love this blog! keep up the posting!!
    exclamation marks!!!

  2. 1. It was not our fault.
    2. You spelled 'seems' wrong in, "it's not really but it SEAMS that way..." Too bad you don't listen to me.
    3. Check it out, I read your blog!

  3. I am obviously not your mother, but I really appreciated the "note to my mother". Now I can sleep in peace. :)