Monday, April 27, 2009

Doin' Things the Long Way

I left the Highlands and proceeded to Pattaya, Thailand, to visit my old friend, Jen, from camp.  After some initial missed messages me have met up and I've been having a great time here since.

The bus was my chosen mode of transportation to Pattaya.  I have decided that planes are necessary sometimes, but should be avoided since they release a enormous amount of greenhouse gasses.  Google Maps conservatively estimated the trip to be 20 hours and 34 minutes.  I think Google is incredibly reliable however it was mistaken, the true time on the road was over 25 hours, not counting all the time between the separate buses I had to take.

Generally the buses were quite comfortable and I was able to sleep a lot.  Except for my longest trip (the 13 hour drive from Hat Yai to Bangkok) where I was being pressed against from all sides; the seat in front of me tilted back while mine was stuck completely upright, and a suitcase stored just below my feet kept my knees against my chin for most of the ride.  I was angry that somehow the tallest person in the whole vehicle got stuck in the seat with no leg room.

By far what frustrated me most was the man beside me.  He was deaf, dumb and gay, and apparently interested in me.  He initially came on quite strong, trying to hold my hand, and asking if "I wanted him to suck my penis" (translated by his friends), but finally his advances were much more subtle, like falling asleep with his head on my shoulder and so on.

I really started kicking myself for my stupidity for not visiting Jen when she was back in Canada since she only lives a mere two hour drive from my house in London.  End of Rant.

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