Monday, August 10, 2009


Three weeks ago I headed up the 401 to Guelph, Ontario where I usually spend my time from September to April for a music festival known as hillside. After being away for the winter semester at school seeing all my friends was a blast, and the festival was amazing, Saturday and Sunday night were particualrily incredible.

Saturday Night: The main band I wanted to see in Guelph was Tokyo Police Club who were going to play at the main stage, however I had made my way to the very front of a different stage, the island stage, while watching a different band Library Voices. I was torn, there was so much energy at the island stage, I didn't know if I should stay to see this band I barely knew called Woodhands, plus I would have good seats for the final band The Arkell's. In the end we stayed, and Woodhands blew me away. It was the craziest concert I have ever been to. At the end the lead singer/keytarist, attempting to crowd surf, jumped onto my friend Jess and covered her in his sweat. At the very climax of the show a girl beside me fainted. It was insane. And the Arkell's were great too.

Sunday Night: Storm clouds rolled in and it rained for most of Sunday. I was at the main stage to see Final Fantasy, and it had been clearing up but as he started to perform storm clouds could be seen coming our way. In the middle of the show the winds picked up and it started to pour. It seamed the faster Owen Pallatt played the more the wind howled. Thunder and lightning began and the stage manager pleaded with the performer to stop playing. But, Owen Pallatt just screamed back "GIVE ME ONE MORE MINUTE!!" I had a terrible thought that those would be funny last words. The crows was going wild and they finally cut him off with a bit of his song left, but for the time he played the crowd was going wild.

That was hillside for me. Pretty good time.

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