Sunday, July 5, 2009

One Great City/Homeward Bound

Coming back to Singapore was one of my favourite parts of this trip. Often I used to complain about all the things in Singapore that bothered me. However, upon coming back it was as if all the negative things about Singapore were invisible to me. Doing some last minute sight-seeing (after four months I had never been to see the Merlion) and visiting my friends, all the amazing things in Singapore were more apparent to me. I love that city. It sort of reminds me of a song by the Weakerthans, One Great City, which is about Winnipeg but to me the song is very much like how I feel about Singapore. The song describes citizens of Winnipeg lamenting their city's flaws, but the title to me indicates that regardless of that they still love it there.

Quick thanks to the people that made Singapore so special to me:

Karlijn and Maddy; my best friends in the country, my Swiss room mates; Adrian, Flavio and Simon, The Muddy Grass Ultimate Team at NUS, Kang; who got me hooked on wakeboarding, and Vicki; who took care of me when I was sick recently. Did I use those semi-colons properly?

Now I am in the airport in Hong Kong, one more flight then I am back in Canada and this is all over. That hasn't really sunk in yet for me. I won't be back in Singapore for some time. Strange to write that. Now, as I write this I'm starting to feel slight depression setting in, it feels like a weight in my stomach (or maybe that's H1N1).

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