Saturday, June 6, 2009

Not Much to Report Here

Just and update here, not much to tell.

Chiang Mai was really nice, but there was a sudden decision made to leave Thailand all together and go to Laos. I was nervous I was going to miss some great things in Thailand, but excited to see the things Laos has to offer.

So far, Laos has yet to disappoint me. We (Karlijn, Linda and I) took a two day boat ride from Thailand to Luang Prabang, a city with a strong French influence. I've been enjoying several french baguettes each day from stalls in the streets, where in Thailand or Singapore any bread at all is uncommon. Yesterday I biked with my two travel buddies to a waterfall where we went swimming and played hon a rope swing (jackpot!). I played on the swing for over an hour (my arms are killing me today), but I have to say that although the scenery was beautiful the swing itself doesn't compare to the massive swings at Sharon's Creek in Dorchester, Ontario.

From here I will head off to Vang Vieng for tubing (and hopefully more rope swings) then Vientienne, the capital, for some visa sort of stuff.

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